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24 Hour Locksmith offers many services for business owners, from lock rekeying to high security lock system installations. Our commercial locksmiths always available to come out to you right away or by appointment, so you can choose the most convenient time for your business. You can count on our security experts to make your business secure!

Electronic Locks Systems E-cards and Key Fobs Biometric Systems Push Button Entry In today's increasingly electronic world it's no surprise that the best security options now lay in electronic locks. The most common systems in use today are the e-card, biometric and push button entry.

Our security experts can help you weigh the pros and cons of each system so that you can choose the best one for your business needs. A little more information about the systems: With e-card locks there is a physical card needed to enter a business that is swiped or inserted. A variant of this is the key fob system. A biometric locking system uses finger prints to determine who can gain entrance. Push button entry systems require a code to gain entrance and can easily be set to a new code. Regular Lock Systems Master Lock System Lock Rekey Lock Changes and upgrades Master Lock Systems are a great solution to the common problem of having too many keys for your business.

open 24 hoursWhen we create a master lock system the business owner can decide who has access to what areas. The master key will be able to open everything but employee keys will only be able to access areas chosen by the owner. We also can rekey the locks of a business so the old key no longer works in the event of a security problem, such as that created when an employee quits or is fired. If you have older, less secure locks or broken locks, we recommend changing your locks instead of rekeying. Our commercial locksmiths can help you select the right kind of locks to help you secure your business.

We will come to your business within 15 minutes if it is an emergency. We are at your beck and call 24 hours a day seven days a week. If you just need a service done one of our trained technicians can be at your commercial business within 24 hours. That is our pledge.




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